Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pork Chops and Bread Crumbs

Last night I made the pork chop recipe found here. Yes, I love! They were absolutely delicious!! I followed the instructions as written with the exception of doubling the sauce using one can cream of mushroom and one of golden mushroom as recommended in the reviews. I also sauteed fresh mushrooms in the pan after frying the chops and just added the rest of the sauce ingredients, warming it on top of the stove, and never added it to the baking pan. We ended up with way too much sauce- I only did four chops instead of six- even though we used some in lieu of gravy for our mashed potatoes. I plan to freeze it and use it over chicken in the crock pot some other night for a quick dinner. I think in addition to the yummy sauce, what really made this a stand out recipe was the homemade bread crumbs that I used. I've been steadily saving the crumbles that are left after slicing my loaves each week and had about a cups worth in the freezer which was more than enough. I added some Italian seasoning to it since the recipe called for Italian bread crumbs and I think it worked perfectly. If you don't already have some handy, making bread crumbs is beyond easy. Just leave a couple slices out on the counter for an hour, then break them up and blend them in the blender or food processor until the desired consistency is reached. Experiment with adding seasoning after or while blending and using already seasoned herb breads. There are so many possibilities!

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