Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Make a sheet saver for FREE

I have a two year old co-sleeper who is a very, very heavy night time wetter. I am sick of washing the sheets on our king size bed so I started looking into a sheet saver. This is the only one I could find that comes in a king size and it's over $50. Here's how I made one out of my worn mattress protector, for about 30 minutes.

Old mattress protector
Sewing machine with a walking foot

1. Lay out the mattress protector and cut off all of the side fabric, leaving the seams intact to avoid extra binding.

2. Fold it in half, head to foot and cut along the fold.

3. Fold one half in half, side to side and layer it on top of the other half with the folded end even with the end underneath then unfold so you have one long piece with the middle third overlapping.

4. Sew a big square all the way around the middle third to connect the two pieces. (If you want it completely water proof, you can add a layer of PUL, a baby lap pad or crib mattress cover.) Make sure you are using a quilting/walking foot on your machine because you are essentially sewing together 2 quilts. It's very thick but with a little guidance my old Kenmore handled it just fine. Broke the needle on the last stitch. How's that for timing? Ha!)

5. You should be left with one long raw edge. Bind it. And done!

Lay it across your bed and tuck in the ends. Now if you get a leaky diaper, just whip if off, throw it in the wash and tuck it back in. No removing sheets at all! Unless your little one has managed to squirm his way all the way to the foot of the bed, which is likely to happen at least occasionally... so make sure that the old worn mattress protector gets replaced with a nice new one sooner rather than later. Ask me how I know...

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