Monday, December 12, 2011

Light Up the Dark Candles- Guest Post

Hi all! I've got a guest post today from a great guy that I had the privilege of setting up next to at a craft fair in Lawrence, KS last year. James Mowrey is a talented candle maker who makes all soy candles. This guy even does custom scents. I must have spent an hour just smelling all of the different candles he had to offer. They are amazing!

He has everything from the clean fresh scents of linen and coconut,

to delicious cinnamon apple or banana nut bread.

There are even barbecue, bacon, fresh buttered popcorn, or fresh cut
grass, and they all smell divine!

Try fudge brownie, peppermint, or coffee scents to wake you up; or fireside, or butt naked when it's time to snuggle up.

Here's what James has to say about why soy is better:

What are soy candles?
Soy candles are made from soy wax, which is hydrogenated soybean oil.
Soy wax was invented in 1992 by Michael Richards who was looking for a
cheaper alternative to beeswax. As he entered the candle industry he
realized there was a growing demand for natural wax candles. Soy wax
is often mixed with fragrances to produce scented soy candles. They
are available in supermarkets and specialty stores and can also be
bought online. It is also easy and very rewarding to make soy candles!

Advantages of soy candles:
Soy candles have to following advantages compared to paraffin wax candles:

Soy candles are cheap- Beeswax is a great natural alternative to
paraffin, but to get the same results as a soy-based candle, it is
very expensive. Soy wax is a new alternative to paraffin wax that is
cost effective. Soy wax is also made from a renewable source.

Soy wax is natural- Soy wax is a favorite of environmentally
conscious people because it is made from a renewable source and is not
made from petroleum. Burning soy candles does not increase the CO2
level in the atmosphere. However, some suppliers may add some
synthetic wax or paraffin to their soy wax to adjust its physical

Soy candles last longer- Some suppliers claim that soy candles can
last up to 50% longer than paraffin candles. And they do!

Soy wax spills are easy to clean- It's very difficult to remove
paraffin wax from furniture or textiles. Soy wax spills can easily be
cleaned up with hot soapy water.

Soy candles produce less soot - Soot should be avoided because it is
very unhealthy and can eventually coat furniture and walls. Soy
candles produce about 90% less soot than paraffin candles.

Scented soy candles distribute more flavor- The incorporation of
soybean oil lowers the melting point of the candle, which translates
into cooler burning candles and faster scent dispersion. The lower
melting point of soy wax results in a larger size of the liquid wax
pool around the candle wick. It is from this liquid wax pool that the
essential oils evaporate into the atmosphere.

To find descriptions of James's candles along with more mouth watering photos go to and click on the online store tab at the top. Candles ship nationwide. Make sure to like his facebook too so that you can find out where he might be attending his next craft show, where he usually offers a discount.

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